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Di crictan di olsin

Children of the State
(This is the OC RP journal & occasional novel-rambling blog of captain_catfish)

Calhoun and Reia are siblings, and citizens of the totalitarian Empire of Faumei. Being the children of one of the nation's leaders (and most militarily powerful man), they have grown up with a great sense of national pride, surrounded by the world of war and political intrigue. Technically they are gods, and while they possess no powers or abilities that separate them from humans, they have still grown to believe that they are far superior to them (considering humans nothing more than animals). This mindset is one shared by the majority of Faumei, a country that has launched its own large-scale genocide of the human race.
Many times they end up confronting their cousins (Iya and Tali) and an annoying reoccuring human girl (named Lacey). But for the most part they are content to spend their time together on their estate in the city of Sovsor, occasionally going shopping or torturing quarrelsome POWs.

Calhoun and Reia will probably only friend you if you seem like you'd be of any use to them, you've been some use to them before, or you seem like you'd be a decent ally.
I will probably friend you (under this username) if I'm interested in a character you're playing, how you play your character, or I just think you're an awesome mun.
Either way, go ahead and friend this journal, but you're only being friended back if I know your character.