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Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Hey guys. This is your friendly neighbourhood captain_catfish here, the genius behind this lovely little sockpuppet.
falindsovsor is, mostly, an RP journal for characters from my original piece Girl Among Gods, although I'll often use it for storyjournaling, posting related writing and art, and just flailing about the project in general. Go ahead and friend for either reason (the roleplaying or the actual story-conceptualizing). I plan to keep this journal public, because I'm nice like that.

In short, welcome to my little slice of the Internet, and thanks for stopping by!
(Revamped and hopefully better gen and roleplay-specific character info'll go here soon as well.)


I-it was only a joke.

Ahahaha, funny, right? Joke?

Did not think the reaction would be so...bad...



You can't treat me like this.

I don't care what you think, Father, I know what I'm capable of and I know what I'm doing.
This is not beyond my capabilities. My capabilities, I must assure you, encompass much more than what you think they do.

How dare you treat me like this, how dare you give me orders.

H-how dare you treat me like your stupid son.


(locked from dSovsors)

This is not good.

Mildirkane - ...'Uncle' - was positively raging. I tried to keep away from him - Lacey was away, fortunately (I think this will be the only time when I am grateful to Reia for giving her those stupid errands to fulfill), but he pulled me aside to speak to me after he resolved his shouting match over the phone.
I hate how I can never see his eyes behind his glasses when he speaks to me. It's unnerving, and I can't look at him without feeling a few hairs stand on end now. I was utterly terrified that something had happened with - to - Lacey, but it seems we're still safe as of yet.

He told me that Tali is here, in Sovsor.
I don't know where he is exactly or what has happened to him, but Al La, Tali is in Sovsor. I don't know whether I should be entirely joyful or terrified for him. I know that Tali has conditioned himself and has been through many tough times, but I can only imagine what may happen to him.

I have to find him.


What's this?

Goodness, I haven't seen Father that angry in ages.

Apparently Laceukan did something really stupid this time. Father was positively raging on the phone, and downright gloomy for the rest of the day afterwards.
What could have possibly gone wrong?

I think your uncle may be getting the boot soon, Czanlii.


Mutke jaf niv tekeral

Reia -
Laci is my ama, and thereby my servant. I can understand that with you growing up surrounded and constantly cared for by servants, you assume that you may simply use any caretaker around you as your own.
However, this is not true. Laci is my personal ama and is very close to me, and I do not appreciate you taking advantage of her being a servant.

She doesn't belong to you.


(locked from dSovsors, etc)

Love those of your own flesh and blood, for they are who have made you.

Love those of your own flesh and blood, for they are who have made you.

Love those of your own flesh and blood, for they are who have made you.

Al La, but how can I when they've taken my sword from me?


(locked from everyone)

No more English. Iya and I almost got caught talking in English today, all because of me.

Oh, God, I'm just...
...I'm so scared.
I don't want to get caught
or taken away

Most of all I don't want her to pay for lying about me

I shouldn't have gone with her.
Shouldn't have put her in any of this danger.

I hate this place.
I know Iya does too.

It doesn't look like we're being let out anytime soon, though...

Oh, man...


I do not look like a bear.

...Do I?